How many absorbers should I use ?

How many absorbers should I use ? ?

Air is composed of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen

We have different type and size of absorber depending on your utilization and your need of absorption

absorbeurs d'oxygène

For instance, if you want to absorb the oxygen inside a 500ml container, you'll need to use an absorber capable of absorbing 100ml or more (21% of 500ml)..

absorbeurs d'oxygène

if for some reason, the absorber loses a part of its capacity (too much time in open air), the oxi-lower oxygen absorber contains a safety reserve. therefore no need for a larger absorber. but in the case of a doubt, you want to use several absorber or a bigger one, no problem  better one too many than one too few

Is it harmless for my food and my health ?

Absolutely ! the absorber in contact with your food has a double food-friendly film in PE . we also have all the certification for the food industry .