We all need oxygen ...
But sometimes it is good to eliminate it

Located in Belgium, the Oxi-lower international company has been distributing, for more than 20 years, the most efficient oxygen absorbers on the European market, active in the food and pharmaceutical industry, our company has all the certificates and conformity such as the BRC and ISO

We are partners of the Tianhua-Tech company and have a complete catalog of oxygen absorber to meet all your needs (sizes, logo, customization, adapted formulas)

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Type of products

Oxygen absorber


  • Absorbs O2 & C02
  • Capacity: 20 cm3  2000 cm3


  • Absorbs only O2
  • Capacity: 50 cm3  650 cm3


  • (Non Ferrous) Absorbs O2 & C02
  • Capacity: 30 cm3  200 cm3

Moisture absorber (silica gel)

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Supplier of oxygen absorbers packets

Oxi-lower, supplier of oxygen absorbers packets, supports professionals in the food industry to promote good food preservation. Our company markets oxygen absorber bags suitable for all traditional, specific or technological applications.

Offer your customers perfectly preserved foods that are free from mold and deformation thanks to quality oxygen absorbers packets, specially designed to maintain an oxygen level below 0.01%.

Partners of the Oxyfree company, we surround ourselves with the best food preservation professionals in order to deliver a product that perfectly meets your needs. With many years of experience, Oxi-lower adapts to the constraints of professionals in the food industry and ensures a quality tailor-made service.

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Trusting Oxi-lower, a supplier of oxygen absorbers packets, means ensuring the proper preservation of food products such as meat, dried foods, bakery products, seeds, dried fruits or even coffee.

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